Omnispool – Lines Made Simple

No “Systems” or “Solutions” here – this is fishing stuff… (US PATENT 9,314,006 B2)

What are all you fishermen doing with your lines when they’re not actually getting a stretch…? How do you manage them; how do you make them work for you? Obsessed fishermen will have more than a handful of lines, maybe even a case full, especially those that travel or fish for a variety of species in different locations and conditions.

Dealing with a collection of fly lines is one thing that’s been overlooked, in a world where virtually every other facet of the angler’s needs is catered for with a multitude of fancy products. Existing methods of storing and protecting our lines are still largely a DIY thing – nails on the wall of the garage or old manufacturers’ spools; not much order or protection… And how do you travel with them?

A good line is expensive; it’s worth looking after. It’s also not the most convenient thing to deal with. As travelled fishermen, we believe that what we’re offering here is line management tool covering all the bases in a simple but well considered gadget. Omnispool provides an indispensable complement to every line you either already own or are yet to buy, not a fashion accessory. That said, the functionality, design and look of the Omnispool products are pretty cool.

Purpose built and at a fraction of the price of the line it’ll be holding, your Switchbox will more than pay for itself in terms of practicality, convenience, improved overall condition and extended life of your fly line. Plus there are the spare spools you won’t have to buy for your reels.

And it’s not just fly fishermen we’re thinking of: they’ll work well for the carefully made up leaders and traces used with heavier conventional angling gear and they’re popular for managing BRAID and such – that stuff ain’t cheap either... and HEED this: A Cautionary Tale