Logan Utah is the base of the corporate operation of Rainy's, Inc. Managers Penny Jenson and Jesse Riding, with assistance from proficient staff, run our large warehouse facility nestled in beautiful Cache Valley. 

Rainy's was founded in 1971 by Rainy Riding. Rainy began fishing with flies on a spin cast rod with her grandfather at age 5. She has always maintained her passion for fly fishing. Shortly after Rainy was married she became a secretary to Art Jones (adjunct professor for USU Extension classes). One evening he called her in a panic. Too many had signed up for his fly tying class. Rainy was given the challenge of learning how to tie flies with in a 1/2 hour notice so that she could teach half the class. Rainy exuded a natural ability and keen interest in the art of fly tying. Each subsequent week she learned more fly patterns and continued to teach half the class. She has been a gifted fly tying instructor ever since.

Over 40 years later, with a lot of hard work and good associates along the way, Rainy and her business partner Ellen Clark run a multi-national fly tying business leading the industry with the highest quality flies and cutting-edge innovation.